How to Prepare Yourself for Your Junk Removal Appointment

Whether you’re cleaning out your garage or attic, it’s always exciting to finally find time to declutter. It’s a great way to get your life together and eliminate all unwanted or unused items. However, junk removal can be daunting for some property owners because they want to avoid cleaning during their priceless day off. Fortunately, booking an appointment with a junk removal company can help reduce stress. 

As your appointment with the junk removal company fast approaches, this article offers four tips to ensure your cleanup day runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Create a Game Plan

Like other successful things, we recommend creating a plan before your junk removal appointment to stay organized and avoid unnecessary stress from last-minute hauling. It also helps you unearth more items you want to eliminate or donate from your closets, under the beds, or on top shelves. 

Moreover, unlike a half load, filling up more space in your junk removal company’s truck can give you a better value. 

Besides reducing unnecessary stress and finding more items to eliminate, planning can help junk removal workers know what to expect. That way, they’ll arrive on time for their next customers. 

Pro tip: Ask about your junk removal company’s pricing and work structure before your appointment to help set realistic expectations.

Separate Items for Donations

Besides throwing them out, you can also donate your unwanted or unused items to your local charity centers. It’s a great way to give back to your community while decluttering your home. 

Before your junk removal appointment, we recommend reading your selected company’s donation pick-up policy to ensure what they will and won’t accept. 

While most haulers are happy to pick up your donations and bring them to your local charities, they may ask you to separate them from the junk to ensure their good condition. On the other hand, some junk removal companies might offer to separate and sort the items for you. 

Keep Items with Sentimental Value

While decluttering and removing unnecessary items from your home, some things are worth keeping. Whether that’s a piece of jewelry from a loved one, a favorite childhood toy, or a gift from a special occasion, some sentimental items are better off somewhere else at home. 

Start by dusting off the old boxes and storage containers from your attics and decide which ones you want to keep or discard. 

If you want to hold onto these items, keep them safe in a special memory box. You can also display them on a shelf or frame them on your wall. However, if you’re ready to let go of these valuables, you can ask your junk removal company to donate them to charity or discard them. You can also sell these old items online or at your local shop. 

Understand the Company’s Policy on Hazardous Waste

Lastly, it’s crucial to understand your junk removal company’s policy on hazardous waste because most companies don’t accept it. Instead, they’ll usually provide a list of hazardous waste disposal sites to ensure they dispose of them properly.

Typical household items such as gasoline, cleaning agents, paint, batteries, and expired medication usually require special licenses, permits, and regulatory training. However, if your junk removal company tells you they’ll take these items, you must take extra precautions to avoid pollution and severe accidents. 


Several homeowners book junk removal appointments with companies to help declutter their homes faster. Thorough planning and setting realistic expectations can ensure your big day goes smoother and more efficiently.

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