8 Effective Junk Removal Tips for Ex-Hoarder Homes

The home of any hoarder can be quite a mess, to say the least. Hoarder tends to accumulate junk and clutter while still focusing on the things they deem to be worthy of keeping, so their homes tend to be more cluttered than usual.

For those who are recovering or trying to move on from that stage in their life while trying to clean up their home, here are the most effective junk removal tips for ex-hoarders:

1) Compose a Plan

Every hoarder needs to have a plan and stick to it, as it will ensure that the job of clearing their home will be done more correctly. The plan should include a list of things to keep, throw away, and donate. It’s also ideal to have a schedule in place to have an accurate timeline of how you will clear your home.

2) Remove the Trash

It’s quite hard to get back on track from a home that is filled with junk. The junk is one of the first serious hurdles that you need to take care of, as it must be removed in order for the rooms to start looking cleaner and more spacious again. Find, collect, and segregate the trash for proper removal.

3) Review Belongings

Once you’re done clearing your house of trash, it’s time to take out the stuff that you have deemed good enough to keep. Be sure to also maintain the list you made earlier and compare it with what you want to keep. You might need to revise the list to make sure that you’re not going to hold onto things that you don’t need.

4) Sort and Group Items

It’s important for ex-hoarders to ensure that the things you are sorting through are properly and neatly organized. Plan a systematic and organized method of having your belongings organized into groups. Make it a system that will remain efficient and easy to follow so that you stick to it.

5) Identify the Value of Items

Aside from going through each item in your home and whether or not you want to keep it, you also need to properly identify and assess each item according to its value. You will likely have quite a lot of items that are very valuable, which can be good for you to sell off and earn from.

6) Work with Junk Removal Services

It can be stressful to do the house cleaning and decluttering yourself, especially if you are accustomed to having a certain lifestyle. The process will be easier to deal with if you work with a junk removal company that can do the hard work for you. It will also be easier on your back, which can help you complete the process a little faster.

7) Clean as You Go

It’s easier for ex-hoarders to completely clean their homes as they go. You will feel more motivated as you see your home getting neater and neater, and you will also be able to focus on the job at hand instead of having to wait for the whole job to be finished.

8) Have a Final Declutter Run-through

After the junk has all been properly removed, you need to put your home through a final declutter run-through. Take a look at the rooms to ensure that you’ve removed everything. Think of this as your final check before you’re all done.


It is quite easy to get back on track and get your home in order by following these junk removal tips. Be sure to talk with a junk removal company in your area to avoid a lot of the hassle and hard work involved.

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