Guide on How to Dispose of Your Mattress the Right Way

Used mattresses can be found in every home in the country. And there is a proper approach to replacing these worn-out mattresses when the time comes.

There are many improper ways to get rid of them as well, which is a serious issue given that they are enormous, clunky, and ugly. Also frequently unlawful are improper disposal techniques.

The Wrong Method of Mattress Disposal

Old mattresses degrade and deteriorate. And they eventually reach a point when they just can’t perform the task. So you throw them away and purchase new alternatives.

That occasionally entails the merchant who sold you the new mattress offering to remove your old one as a value-added service, but only sometimes. Additionally, a lot of individuals now purchase new mattresses online.

Unfortunately, a used mattress cannot be easily sold on websites and online marketplaces. In fact, it might be challenging to sell a used mattress to a private party in several jurisdictions.

Therefore, for most people, simply discarding the old mattress is the best alternative. However, mattresses are challenging to pack and move, especially those enormous queen- and king-sized beasts! 

You must strap it to the top of your car if you don’t have a truck or a tiny trailer handy. Then, you must know the suitable disposal location for your old mattress. 

This is the reason why far too many people dispose of their old mattresses in undesirable and frequently unlawful methods.

The Best Method for Mattress Disposal

By all means, try to sell a clean, gently used mattress if you can. Given that your old mattress likely cost more than $1,000 when it was brand-new, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to recover part of the money you spent on it.

Giving away an old mattress that’s in good shape is a terrific alternative if you can’t sell it or just don’t want to deal with the trouble.

Many folks needing a good mattress cannot pay the $600 to $1,000 or more needed to buy a brand-new one. Additionally, several organizations can help with a mattress donation.

The different rules and requirements placed on potential mattress donors in several jurisdictions make even this approach somewhat cumbersome.

But if your mattress is still in good condition, you can simply give it to a family member, a struggling friend, or even a neighbor with no limits. Although moving mattresses is still challenging, this is a fantastic choice if you can make arrangements. 

However, only some mattresses can be reused. Recycling can be the best disposal method in this situation.

Mattresses Are Recyclable

Mattresses may definitely be recycled, strange as that may seem to many. Most components that make up a regular mattress can be reused in some capacity. However, it is a more complex procedure than recycling aluminum cans or plastic water bottles.

Undoubtedly, a mattress won’t fit in your residential curbside recycling bin! You also need to find a way to throw it in the nearest recycle bin in town. Mattresses must be processed in specialist facilities to be recycled.

Getting your old mattress to a facility can be difficult, even though mattress recycling is a practical disposal choice that is accessible to almost everyone in the United States.


You don’t have to do anything yourself, which is wonderful news. Old mattresses can be picked up, transported, and disposed of correctly by reputable, experienced rubbish removal companies. 

Recycling makes far more sense economically and environmentally when one realizes that landfills don’t treat mattresses well.

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