What to Consider Before Hiring a Junk Removal Service

Most people still hire a junk removal company to take away their garbage and dispose of it, while some consider it a dangerous practice given its effect on the environment. This is why some companies like to use recycling and disposal systems instead. Research is essential when choosing the right company for you.

Here are a few things you should think about when choosing a junk removal company.

1. Disposal Methods

Some companies will sort through your garbage, remove only things they can recycle and reuse, and then take the rest to a landfill. Or they may take it to a recycling facility. Other companies will simply take all the junk away regardless of whether it can be recycled or not. 

Some still use open dumping methods, while others dispose of their garbage. The only way to ensure the latter is to look into the company’s certification.

Businesses that have been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and who are members of the Waste and Recyclable Materials Association (WAMA) are sure to have their junk correctly disposed of.

2. Insurance Coverage

Many junk removal companies offer insurance coverage on the items they’re removing. This is important to consider, especially if they’re removing any items that could cause harm to your home. They’ll be obligated to pay you back if they accidentally damage something in your house.

3. Length of Contract

Most junk removal companies have a minimum contract period. You’ll have to pay for the service in this amount of time even if you’re not using it. So for instance, if you sign a 2-year contract with them, you’ll have to pay for the service even if you don’t use them at all.

Some companies will allow you to cancel your contract at any time, while others require a fee to do so. It’s a good idea to know what kind of terms and conditions your company has before signing any contract at all.​

4. Length of the Service

Most junk removal services will come out to your home within 24 hours and take back all your junk on the same day. However, they’ll charge by the amount of space your items take up. So if you’re looking to do a big cleanup, be prepared to pay more. Some companies will even let you schedule your junk pick-up over a few days.

5. Cost of the Service

Junk removal companies aren’t cheap, and their fees will vary depending on the size of the job. Some will only charge for the amount of space a particular item or items take up in their truck. Others will charge a flat rate no matter what.

They’ll also have a minimum cost per item. So if you’re only looking to dispose of a small junk item, you might have to pay a lot more than if you were getting rid of a large item. The price also depends on where you live, and junk removal costs in that state can be different across the board.


There are many junk removal companies to choose from, and it’s up to you to figure out which one is right for you. Start by knowing your needs and what type of service you’re looking for, and then research the companies that provide that service to you. When you’re ready, contact a few and see what they have to offer.

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