6 Ways to Help You Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter at Home

The people we meet matter to our lives, one way or another. Whether a person has been an acquaintance or a friend for more than a decade, the people who come into our life can significantly impact us. As a sign of the relationship, we sometimes get trinkets that can serve as reminders of the person. Unfortunately, these trinkets are just another clutter, and getting rid of them will be challenging.

Sentimental clutter is any item that you keep because it has sentimental value. These items can be gifts, souvenirs, family heirlooms, or anything else that holds a special meaning to you. While it can be challenging to let go of these items, remember that they are just things. After all, there will come a time you’ll need to free up space, especially if you want to maintain a clean space. To help you with this, here are some practical tips:

#1 – Keep Them All in One Place

Keeping them all in one place will be best if you have several sentimental items. This way, you can still access them whenever you want. However, you can also prevent them from adding clutter to your space. For example, you can keep all the sentimental items in a box and store them in the attic. If you have sentimental items, consider buying a storage unit to keep them all in one place.

#2 – Take Photos

If you have sentimental items you can’t bear to part with, you can consider taking photos of them. For example, if you have an old teddy bear that you’ve had since you were a child, you can take a picture of it. This way, you can keep the sentimental value without the actual item.

#3 – Find Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Letting go of sentimental items can be difficult. If you struggle to let go, you must find healthy coping mechanisms. For example, consider talking to a therapist or counselor about your feelings. You should also journal your feelings or talk to a trusted friend or family member about your struggles.

#4 – Give the Items to Family Members

If you have sentimental items that you want to keep in the family, you can give them to your children or other family members. This way, you can keep the items in the family while getting rid of them.

#5 – Donate the Items to Charity

If you have items in good condition but no longer want or need them, you can consider donating them to a local charity. This way, you can get rid of the items while helping others.

#6 – Give Them Away When You Are Ready

If you want to get rid of your items but are still waiting to be ready, you can give them away when you are ready. This is an excellent option if you want to keep the items but know that you will not use them in the future.

Hiring an Organizing Service

If you need help figuring out where to start with your sentimental clutter, you can hire an organizing service to do the job for you. They will help you sort through your items and help you decide what to keep and get rid of. However, you must consider certain factors first.

For one, you should ask about their experience because you want to be sure that the person handling your sentimental clutter is experienced. You should also ask about what services they offer because some organizing services provide more than the sorting and decluttering process, such as cleaning.

Additionally, you should also ask about their rates. An organizing service’s rates should be reasonable and not too expensive so that you’re not getting your money’s worth. You should ask for different quotes and compare them to get the best possible deal.


It will never be easy to get rid of sentimental clutter, but there are times when you have to. Because of this, it’s best to hire a professional organizing service to help you sort through your belongings and declutter your home. Ultimately, it’s a matter of determining what you want to keep because some of them can still be useful later.

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